Piracy Policy



Website Piracy

Unauthorized duplication, distribution or use of Silver Emporium Private Limited’s intellectual property, including computer software (including enterprise apps), constitutes copyright infringement and is illegal and subject to both civil and criminal penalties. The ease of this behaviour online causes many computer users to forget the seriousness of the offense. It is a felony to reproduce or distribute ten illegal copies of copyrighted material. Penalties for a first time felony conviction of website piracy of Silver Emporium Private Limited include a jail term of up to ten years and heavy fines. For more more information please visit the Silver Emporium website.


Picture and video recording piracy

Another form of copyright infringement is the unauthorized duplication and distribution of pictures or video recordings from Silver Emporium Private Limited’s social media, website or other platforms. Online piracy increases as many people use the Internet to illegally distribute digital pictures and video files. The cyber cell in India checks out the internet daily and scans for sites that contain picture and video files. They have been successful in getting the sound recordings and illegal movies removed from those sites. You can report violations to the Cyber Crime | Mumbai Police or cybercrime.gov.in directly.


Legal Alternatives

There are legal alternatives to peer-to-peer file sharing. A list of alternative resources for pictures and media can be found on the internet.


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