Silver Chandelier

This silver chandelier has been inspired by indian art which is known for its strong sense of design , observed in its modern and traditional forms.

This folk piece has designed by using various forms of elephants , peacock which has so many hidden connection to meet wisdom, royalty, Spirituality, intellectual strength, and sturdy earthy mental strength. Full shape represent indian architectural structures that resemble ancient temples. The handcrafted formations appearance reveals a wealth of detail when explored at close range with a magnifying oxidised polish .it takes days to execute the fine contours of the structures before adding details within and outside the contours.

Full body of chandelier is made in three steps , each step is having 4 arms , and gorgeous 12 white light hues head with vintage glass. In the base 8 elephants are holding the whole peice on their head.The beautifully detailed embossed design surely grab attention in any space like grand entryways, walk in closet or any kind of decor space.

Customisation Images