Why marriage purchase starts with purchase of silver Payal

Why marriage purchase starts with purchase of silver Payal

“Indian bridal jewellery grabs everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs. However; the actual beauty of the jewellery pieces lies much deeper and is considered a blend of spiritual and cultural essences for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a woman’s life.”

A bride of any country remains incomplete without the exquisite touch of some jewellery pieces which gives her entire get up a majestic look. Bridal jewellery is of such a great significance as it not only enhances the beauty of the bride’s attire but also takes her beauty to another level. The makeup of an Indian bride is considered to be incomplete without her solahshringar which consists of all the jewellery pieces considered essential to be adorned by a bride.


The Payal or Pajeb or anklets have been worn from time immemorial and are shown in the sculptures of ancient temples like the sacred centre of Hampi. It is an integral part of every Indian girl’s jewellery box and is typically the first piece of jewellery that the family gifts to newborn girls to be worn in the feet even before she is able to walk. Indeed the melodious sound coming from the beats of Payals mixed with the giggling of the Luxmi of the family (Luxmi = goddess of wealth and prosperity-as a daughter is called) makes parents beam with pride and joy.

Payal or anklet is a traditional piece worn around the ankles, meant to announce the arrival of the new bride in her husband's house with its tinkling sound.

Payal also popularly known as anklets are beautiful and adorable pieces of fashion jewellery that women love to adorn. Anklets are mainly worn of silver due to the popular belief associated with it. As Gold is considered auspicious and pure in the Hindu tradition, people prefer wearing silver accessory in feet rather than gold jewellery. In Marathi, silver payal is popularly known as silver painjan, and they are worn by women mainly during festivals and wedding. While it is the melodious sound that makes it so unique and attractive, there are other benefits too of wearing silver Payal. We bring you some unknown facts about wearing silver Payal that would make you feel surprised.

A woman wears a lot of gold jewellery in her regular life which produces a lot of electrical current in her body. The practice of wearing silver anklet counters the current produced due to gold jewellery and keeps a positive energy flow in the body. Silver anklets.when worn also stop the inflammation of foot soles and thus it keeps a woman feel energetic and positive.

It is said that wearing silver anklets makes bone stronger due to the continuous friction that is caused by the anklets around the bones of the feet. Besides, it also gives a mesmerizing look to the feet which accentuates the beauty of a woman.

Silver fashion jewellery is very attractive due to the variety of designs and patterns, the use of coloured stones on it. So wearing a silver accessory makes a woman look beautiful as well as makes her look complete with jewellery flaunting all over her body.

The tradition of wearing anklets began with the thought that the tinkling sound of anklets drives away negative energy flowing inside the house. This made silver painjan popular for women inside the house. 

It is believed that wearing silver painjan helps in overcoming Gynaecological problems of a woman which include problems related to menstruation, hormonal imbalance and infertility. Silver ankle bracelets also provide relief from pain and weakness.

Fashion silver anklets are very popular among women due to a wide range of style and design that it offers. You can easily find the silver painjan or anklets that best suits your taste and preference.

Though payals have been an ancient custom of ornamental importance, still in today’s world girls and even married women wear silver payals because it has been a fascinating trend worldwide