Perfect Silver Gift Items For Wedding That Everyone Will Love

Perfect Silver Gift Items For Wedding That Everyone Will Love

Indian weddings and Silverware. 

Silver is considered as an auspicious metal in India. Every Indian closet has a few prized heirlooms that are safely stowed away and are proudly passed on from one generation to the other. Be it an intricately weaved silver-zari sari or a batwa full of beautifully illustrated silver coins, silver has always held a special place in our hearts. Silver falls second to its predecessor i.e. Gold when it comes to the choice of metal for weddings. Silver is a great choice for gifting for its versatility. Be it a personally engraved invitation card or a simple silver coin given out a Shagan, you can’t go wrong with silver. This wedding guide from Sliver emporium will help you narrow down the right products for your occasions and take your wedding shopping woes away!

Wedding trousseau essentials:

The jingle emitting for the payal denotes the arrival of Laxmi in the family, to make the wedding shopping an auspicious affair it always begins with shopping for a pair of silver payal for the bride. Then next integral part of the wedding trousseau is a Silver Dinner set. You can go as minimal or as opulent as you want with the dinner set. They have great use during special occasions and auspicious pujas but are also a great form of investment. 


We all want our invites to make an impression from the get-go, so small tokens sent along with the invite is always appreciated. A small silver box filled with dried nuts, a silver tray of chocolates and sweets or a small silver coin with special inscriptions about the couple, are a few of the popular yet budget-friendly choices that can accompany the invite.

Pre-wedding functions

Getting creative is key when it comes to little take backs given out at pre-wedding functions. Small gifts in colourful functions like Mahendi and Haldi can be made more interesting with gold plated roses or marigolds, a personalized set of cufflinks or bracelets for the best men and bride’s maids in the wedding will surely be adored. Tiny silver containers that double up as pill or mukhwas cases are also a great trending choice this wedding season. 

The D day: 

A lot of brides these days are shunning the Gold standard and making a mark with ethnic silver jewellery as their choice of metal on their wedding day. If you are not as Boho-chic but still adore the sterling, then there are plenty of other ways to incorporate silver on your wedding day. Here is a little checklist of Silver articles that are essential to complete an Indian wedding: Kalash, Shriphal, Pooja Thalis, Kanyadaan utensils, Sindoor box, Payal and toe rings are a few things that are in an integral part on an Indian wedding.  

Gifting ideas for the couple: 

We’d suggest you stick to things that stay well within your budget but at the same time also add value to the lives of the receiver. Things like a beautifully carved out Silver frame to display their wedding pictures, or mark the auspicious new beginnings with Silver idols of gods and goddesses or fancy things like cutlery or flat wear, are all great gifting ideas and will surely be thoroughly appreciated. 

Silver is one metal that along with being auspicious is also very versatile. It is also a great investment as its value appreciates with time. Make small inclusions of Silver as a part of the special day and let Silver Emporium help you through it. With a wide range of products and gifts to choose from and stores across 5 cities in India, with us, you are sure to find all that you have been looking for and more.