How to store Silver

How to store Silver

The end of the festive season brings in the tedious task of storing away your precious silver articles. Tarnishing silver is one of the biggest concerns faced by people. Tarnish is nothing but silver sulfide that develops on silver. The problem with Tarnish is that you can’t just wash it off with soap and water, since it is caused by a chemical reaction between the silver and Sulfur, or Sulfur-containing substances such as air, water, wool, felt and rubber, for instance.
So if you are not a fan of your silver being covered with a jarring yellow or sometimes green film, you must follow the right method of storing silver and avoid further damage to your prized silver articles. Below are a few quick and easy guidelines that one can follow to keep your silver in optimum condition.

As mentioned earlier, silver sulfide or tarnish develops when silver comes in contact with sulfur present in the air and water.  Residual moisture can result in discolouration, so before storing silver away, you must clean your silver articles with a mild liquid detergent and wipe it dry completely with a lint-free or soft cotton cloth. Even a small amount of moisture can lead to nasty discoloured spots, so you can even run a hairdryer set on low heat and dry the article completely as an extra measure of protection. On dry, you can move on to the next step.

There are multiple ways in which you can store silver. A few of the effective options are tissue paper or butter paper. Acid-free paper, muslin or an old cotton rag is also other popular choices. Pick any of the options above and wrap each item separately. Remember to never store silver wrapped in a newspaper.  The acids or ink from the newspaper can damage, pit and corrode silver.

Silver is a soft metal, so if a lot of articles are cramped together in a tight space, it can lead to scratches and dents. So store them in such a way that they don’t rub and damage each other. In places with high humidity, moisture in the air can lead to dark patches on your silver. To avoid this you can simply store all your silver articles in an airtight box. This will make sure your sterling is well protected and it further maintains its high shine till the next time you need it.

Pro tip:
Another quick hack that one can follow while storing silver is the use of chalk or silica gel bags. Chalk and silica are known to absorb moisture. If storing your silver articles in an airtight container is not an option, then wrap your article in a cling film and then place a few pieces of chalk wrapped in some cotton or a few tiny silica gel bags along with it. This will help absorb any moisture build-up and hence protecting your silver for tarnishing.
Silver Emporium puts in a lot of care in making only the best Silver articles for you. We hope you show it the same care and concern while storing them.